Monday, December 18, 2006

Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease is the result of piling up of plaques in and around the artery walls and boundaries. Being tagged as silent killer it never shows any possible symptoms but gives him the sudden heart attack without giving any indication to them. Coronary heart disease generally occurs due to high cholesterol level as it actually blocks the arteries and blood circulation. Generally if we talk cholesterol is a fatty, waxy and lipid solution prevailing in the body providing much required fat to the body. It plays very important part in human body as it not only provides fat but also produces hormones and other vital solutions within the body. Our body is capable enough to produce the required fat but still majority population intake extra fat from oily, meat and dairy products.

Coronary heart disease is the most popular and widely spread heart disease which affects the person once he reaches his 40’s. This is the age when this disease marks its presence and outcome. This is the standard age among the people when they are prone to this disease as during this age frame they have week heart and blocked arteries. Before this disease finally marks its presence it shows few symptoms which look very simple in nature and normal in nature but later they prove to be very fatal.

Angina is first and foremost symptom of coronary heart disease as it finally marks its presence in the body. Angina is the kind of pain or pressure occurring in the chest, jaw and even arm pain. Many experts tend to use term discomfort instead of pain in angina as its frequency differs from person to person. As some people find it simple congestion in the chest until it turns into severe pain and discomfort. It has been also witnessed that angina and coronary heart disease’s frequency generally differs in men and women as women are less prone to coronary heart disease in comparison to angina which is very common in them. On the contrary man suffers both angina and coronary heart disease at relatively high rate.

In order to prevent occurrence of coronary heart disease there are various preventive measures which can be taken. The basic step is to cut down the consumption of oily and fatty food. According to the experts oil and fats are the major reason behind high level cholesterol. The second possible step could be quitting smoking and drinking as they too enhance the risk of coronary heart disease. It is advisable to do various exercises and body movements in order to keep the level low and have healthy body. It’s just that your health is in your hands as happy eating and healthy living is doorway to happy living.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cholesterol and Children

Shocking evidences have been shown that the concentrating of plaque in children starts at a very young age. This gradual process of concentration builds up into high cholesterol at the time when the child is in his adulthood. This paves the way for coronary heart disease accompanying heart as well as liver disease. This coronary heart disease is becoming the single cause of leading deaths not only in America but also in various other countries. Despite of numerous concrete steps still this cholesterol remains the major health concern and is held responsible for nearly half a million deaths alone in America. It has been noticed that atherosclerotic process (piling up of waxy fat around arteries) generally begins in the young age.

This piling up gradually turns into high cholesterol level at the time when child reaches to his adulthood. By seeing this rise people are now advised to make their children do work out or do some exercises so that the extra fat is burned. A little hard work now can lead the child to healthy and disease free life. Child’s eating habits should be checked and monitored from the start so that there is no concentration of fats around the arteries. It has been also witnessed that children who starts smoking and drinking at a very early age are too at a risk of high cholesterol. This is parent’s duty to make sure that their child is safe and not going on the wrong path.

It has been evidential that children who are obese or overweight at early age are at greater risk. Fat is piled up at very fast rate in the obese children in comparison to the normal child. Scientifically it has been said that obese child’s body make more fat and cholesterol as compared to a healthy child. Same problem is faced by the child suffering from diabetes mellitus. Their immune system is not that effective to curb the production of fat and cholesterol. What is more threatening that, a diabetic child cannot be given all the medicines as it can prove to be harmful for him. The only way out is exercises, aerobics and healthy diet. If you want to save your child from the high cholesterol in the future then it’s you who have to take the steps.
Monitor your child so that he or she never indulges into wrong eating, drinking and smoking habits as it can give a dealt blow to their future health. Make sure your child is constantly doing exercises and body movements so that the fat is gradually burned. So the future of your child is in your hands as you can make it and even break it, the choice is yours.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Blood Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the most popular and alarming word in the medical arena and gives goose bumps to majority population. These days raising cholesterol is becoming the concern for everyone as they are unable to find the ways to lower down the high cholesterol. Cholesterol is the fatty and waxy substance found in the human body which not only guards the arteries and its walls but also produces sex hormones. By seeing this sudden increase in cholesterol and its related diseases, cholesterol reduction medicines are becoming the real rage. Nowadays American market is said to be flooded with medicines teemed with new companies who are raring to join the bandwagon.

Keeping the record of cholesterol has become the real obsession among the Americans since they came to know about its related diseases. Now their main concern is to keep a track and make sure they are well away from all the heart and liver diseases. Generally physicians find it very easier to prescribe a medicine but they never highlight its negative features and side effects. In this screech most of them are unable to know about the important and missing points.

In a bid to have healthy living and lead a cholesterol free life majority of the people start consuming statins in advance despite knowing its side effects. Its true and evident that statins lower down your cholesterol level but it also bring along many side effects for which you may repent in the future. It is always advisable to consume this medicine only when if it’s prescribed.

Statins while lowering down your cholesterol also gives a dealt blow to your immune system. This can be more dangerous especially for the people who are in their 40’s. Loosing your immune system at this age can be very dangerous as this is the time when you require it the most.

It not only affects your immune system but also gives a serious blow to your muscular functions. They tend to become week and lethargic by squeezing out all the energy and power. It also changes the eating habits as you ought to feel less hungry in comparison to the normal man. Instead of going in for cholesterol reduction medications try to choose better options available like exercising, balanced diet, natural methods and many more to mention. As your health is in your hands, so go in for natural and safe cholesterol reduction methods instead of medications.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nopal for Diabetes and Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the waxy, fatty and lipid solution circulating in the body. Its main function is to provide much required fat to the body and also produce sex hormones. Apart from fat providing, it also creates a protective coating to the arteries and its surrounding walls. Whereas diabetes is the condition when the body is unable to produce and use the insulin. Broadly talking insulin is the hormone that converts sugar, starch and various other foods into energy required by the body. According to the experts diabetes can be the possible reason for the high cholesterol. It has been seen in various situations that diabetes tends to be the root for high level cholesterol in the future especially for the children who are suffering from diabetes since childhood.

Cholesterol is actually said to follow diabetes. It has been evidential that diabetes generally weakens body’s immune system which results in concentration of high cholesterol not only in arteries but also to its surrounding walls. According the latest survey it was revealed that people having diabetes from an infant age are more prone to high cholesterol and its related diseases. Diabetes not only increases the risk of high cholesterol but also obstructs a person from having cholesterol reduction pills. Because maximum cholesterol reduction pills have sugar this gives a dealt blow to the person health. It is also noticed that people likely to inherit diabetes from their parents at an infant age and in their adulthood they succumb to high level cholesterol.

Few experts feel that sometime diabetes may not be the root cause for cholesterol but people who are diabetic and over that they smoke and drinks this makes them more prone to high cholesterol in comparison to only diabetic person. Diabetes not only increases cholesterol level but also makes the person obese and overweight. It is also seen that chronic high blood glucose level in the body sometime leads to narrowing of arteries and blocking the normal blood circulation. Researchers have confirmed that high diabetes is the doorway to coronary heart disease or CHD which results when diabetes is teemed with high cholesterol level.
The best way to control cholesterol level in a diabetic body is to consume the balanced diet teemed with exercises and various body movements. By seeing this sudden increase in diabetes and cholesterol related diseases nowadays you can also find the pills which can be taken by diabetic people without much worry. Statins are the only medications which can be consumed by a diabetic person without much hassle. So just relax, follow a strict diet, exercise regularly and live a healthy and happy life.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Berries to reduce your cholesterol, recipes for low cholesterol diet

With each passing day and year many people are falling prey to the trap laid by cholesterol. A significant increase has been noticed in the number of people who succumbed to this slow poison. Cholesterol is rightly known as silent killer and slow poison as it keeps on piling up in the body from very infant age and marks its presence only once its limit is crossed or person crosses 40 years of his age. Cholesterol is the fatty, waxy and lipid solution found in the body which provides fat required by the body. It also produces hormones in the body along with providing protective coating to the arteries. By seeing this sudden rise in cholesterol related diseases many new companies have jumped into the market for providing best cholesterol reduction medicine but they are still not successful because of various side effects attached to it.

This has paved the way for nature to step in and provide best and safe cholesterol reduction ways. It has truly outshined many drugs who claim to be best cholesterol reduction pills. Going the natural way berries are said to be the best way to reduce the rising cholesterol. It has been proved that berries not only reverse serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, ulcers but also cholesterol. According to the experts consuming berries everyday reduce the cholesterol level significantly. They should be consumed in raw state instead of cooked or processed berries as they contain the imperative phytonchemicals and antioxidants which not only break the complex cholesterol particles but also curbs its growth.

Cranberries, strawberries and raspberries normally fall in this category as they reduce the cholesterol level to a great extent. All of them are capable enough to fight diseases and also raising cholesterol as they contain profusion of vitamins and minerals required by the body. Just choose any variety of berries for consumption whether it is blue, red and purple and make sure they are consumed regularly in order to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. But make sure that those berries are natural in state and are not artificial with applied color. This can give a dealt blow to your health as well as to your immune system.

So, if you are suffering from high cholesterol and prone to heart related diseases then this is the time to change your diet and start eating berries to lead a healthy life.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cholesterol and Types of Medications

Nowadays majority of the population are under the threat of high level of cholesterol. Almost fifty percent of the population is plagued by the high cholesterol and are living the life under threat and at risk of possible heart disease. Currently American market is said to be flooded with the various types of medicines used to control cholesterol. Literally talking cholesterol is a waxy lipid substance which is essential for the human body but ones it increases or comes at higher level it paves the way to various heart diseases. If we look at the broader perspective oily and fatty food is not the only reason for the higher cholesterol but people who smoke and drink are too at a risk. Obesity and diabetes are also the main cause of having higher cholesterol as obese people have more fat settled on their arteries and walls creating the obstacle in the normal blood circulation.

These days cholesterol medicines are selling like a hot cake as most of the companies have joined the bandwagon in order to provide best and safe medicine. Many companies tend to state that their medicines are the best deal but they never highlight the side effects. If we delve in to medicinal world there are primarily four types of medicines available for cholesterol control. First and foremost are the satins as they are the most widely used drug in controlling the cholesterol. Satins are said to be the best deal as they significantly lower down the LDL but ones the medicine is stopped LDL is again on rise. The second most widely used drug is Bile Acid Sequestrants. This medicine basically stops the cholesterol going into the bloodstream. Being the most powerful drug still it is not prescribed so easily because of its numerous side effects. This medicine is generally accompanied with satins during medication for reducing the side effects.

Nicotinic Acid and Fibrates are another two popular cholesterol medicines. These medicines are now outshined by the latest ones as they tend to have more side effects. Intake of these medicines generally increases the risk of muscle problems, that’s why they are not prescribed easily.
But the bottom line always remains the same that healthy diet, exercises and few body movements are must in order to avoid cholesterol and also to avoid the cholesterol medication. So it won’t be wrong to say healthy eating is the doorway to happy living.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Figs Healthy Lower Cholesterol, Functions of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the fatty and waxy lipid solution circulating in the body providing protective coating to the arteries and its surrounding walls. It also produces hormones and keeps the fat level intact in the body. It is said to be prevailing in every cell of the body. Despite being very important and useful still it becomes a threat once it crosses its set limit. Generally cholesterol is carried in packages through lipoproteins in the body. Broadly lipoproteins can be divided into two categories, firstly High Density Lipoproteins or good cholesterol and secondly Low Density Lipoproteins or bad cholesterol.

According to the experts HDL is very important for the body as it provides energy and also fulfills the fat requirement of the body. Our body is capable enough to produce maximum level of fat for the body but we still intake extra fat by consuming meat and dairy products. If we move on to wider perspective and just ignore cholesterol’s negatives then it contributes to be very important part of the body. The first and foremost function of cholesterol is to keep the cell membranes of the body intact. It regulates the fluidity of cell membranes and makes sure that they are not too rigid and not too fluid. Apart from this it also boost the mental performance and make you outshine others. Very few know that it not only build strong bones but also strengthen muscles resulting in healthy life. Cholesterol is said to form a protective coating to the body and arteries so that we remain away from infectious diseases. Experts feel that cholesterol is the best solution that regulates body sugar along with repairing damaged tissues.
Cholesterol is best source of getting energy, libido, fertility and vitality, moreover it also aids in digestion which is very important for the body. It also performs the most vital and important function by supporting nervous system at the time of sleep. Cholesterol not only helps in connecting neurons to the right places but is also a necessity of growing. In digestion too cholesterol plays important role as liver uses cholesterol in synthesizing bile acids. Then those synthesized bile acids are secreted into intestine where they are generally used to mix fat with water soluble enzymes that actually digest them. Cholesterol is also termed as precursor to maximum of steroids as it not only builds hormones but also maintains and regulates them. But the bottom-line remains that despite having many advantages still can be very dangerous.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reasons for Cholesterol

Nowadays due to the lavish and extravagant lifestyle people are getting affected with cholesterol at a very faster rate. Now cholesterol rise is not only restricted to the consuming oily food or smoking but a wrongful lifestyle and unhygienic diet too contributes. Cholesterol is the fatty substance found in every cell of human body. It acts as mechanism to digest fat, strengthen cell membranes and making up of hormones. Moreover cholesterol serves many important bodily functions but too much intake and high level is very dangerous. Ones the cholesterol level increases in the human body it starts piling up in the arteries which enhances the risk of heart attack, blood colt and many heart diseases.

Generally cholesterol is transported throughout the body by the special carriers known as lipoproteins. There are broadly two types of lipoproteins known as High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) and Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL). HDL is also known as good cholesterol as it removes the cholesterol from the blood by transporting it to liver where it is metabolized. Whereas LDL is said to be bad cholesterol as it piles up the plaque on the artery walls.

Nowadays every one out three is said to be affected with high cholesterol. There are various reasons which contribute to the cholesterol but the major ones are obesity, smoking and drinking, unhygienic diet, lavish lifestyle, lack of bodily movements and even genetics. Some people inherit this disease from their parents. If anyone in your family has a history of heart disease or cholesterol then there are certain chances of you getting it. This can be definitely avoided by regular exercise and healthy diet. Also try to avoid more of oily, fatty and greasy foods as they are the main source of cholesterol. Obese people too are at the risk of higher cholesterol as the fat gets settle in their body parts faster.

People having diabetes are also close to have high cholesterol as their body’s immune system is not that capable of curbing the rising cholesterol. This generally leads to various heart diseases primarily heart attack, blood clot and liver damage. So if you want to live long and healthy life then try to control your eating habits accompanied with some bodily exercises. This makes you live the life to fullest.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Cholesterol Myths - Low Cholesterol Dangers

Lack of correct and detailed information about cholesterol sometimes creates a wrong notion and proves a curse in today’s life. Researchers have found some unique and interesting facts which are still not in practice as a common man is unaware of these facts. A well-known researcher and expert, Dr. Uffs Ravshov based in Copenhagen, Denmark has written extensively about these myths and their realties. Here are the few notion and their realities;

In our general understanding, High cholesterol and rich diets are understood as a big factor to cause heart problems, but in actual sense it is the high cholesterol which undertakes the task of collecting and bringing all the cholesterol from other parts of the body to the liver. Here, liver metabolizes these extra fats and keep the effect of bad cholesterol in control.

Cholesterol is primarily known as good and bad from our earlier understanding but from the findings of Dr. Ravnskov it is proved that there is no as such good or bad cholesterol but the level of cholesterol is actually depend upon the factors like change in body weight, mental stress and physical activity of a person. Above all, high cholesterol is not always good for us as increase in high cholesterol can affect the health of a person by causing some unhealthy situations. Efforts should be made for keep in this order through regular exercise, meditation, walking and swimming activities.

Do you know our body produces three to four times of cholesterol than our daily consumption of fat present in food? Here, it works in reverse direction, which means the more you eat less the level of cholesterol will be and vice-versa. But, in practical, people normally cut their diets to get rid of their cholesterol. That’s why a balanced diet has been recommended by the doctors in appropriate quantity and nutrition to maintain the equilibrium of the body.

Dr, Ravnskov also ruled out the use of drugs to reduce fats. Many companies are offering medication to help those busy people who can not exercise regularly. It is really shocking that excess usage of these drugs can shorten the life span of people. Further it also stimulate cancer in rodents, disturb the functions of the muscles, the heart and the brain. Pregnant women using these drugs may give birth to children with some severe malfunctions. Always use the natural ways for fitness.

Next time you are planning to fight back your excess fats think rationally and correctly as incorrect information and knowledge can actually cause you a heart stroke.

Vitamin-c & Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the most familiar and popular word in the medical arena. Everyone knows something about it but they don’t have concrete information. Usually people think cholesterol is a bad and unwanted substance but the reality has some other face. Cholesterol is said to be the fatty substance found in the blood circulation of the human body. It is said to be every important substance in the human body as it also produces cell membranes and performs other needed bodily functions. It not only veils the nerves in the human body but also held responsible for making up of your sex hormones. However brain, liver and spinal cord are said to be the hot spots where this cholesterol concentrates.

According to the human body’s psychic there is enough cholesterol present inside the body but still majority of the people intake more cholesterol by consuming fatty products. Cholesterol slowly builds up in and around the blood vessels and act as an obstacle in the normal blood circulation.

Generally cholesterol and other fats don’t dissolve in the blood that’s why they are carried to and from the cells by the special carriers called lipoproteins. In broader terms there are primarily two types of lipoproteins known as Low Density Lipoproteins and High Density Lipoproteins. Low Density Lipoproteins are also known as ‘bad’ cholesterol as too much of it can lead to blocking of the arteries which results in heart attack. Whereas High Density Lipoprotein is said to be ‘good’ cholesterol and it is made inside the body and it carries the cholesterol away from the arteries.

It has been said that too much of anything is not good same applies in cholesterol too as its excessive quantity is said to be the main source of many heart diseases. Hypercholesterolemia is the term used for high level of blood cholesterol.

Experts feel that wrong eating habit and unhygienic diet is the main reason behind the increase of cholesterol. It has been said that if your cholesterol level is 240 or more then you are usually at a high risk of cholesterol. According to the latest survey it has been stated that almost 20% of Americans are close to high cholesterol level and around 70 million Americans are already affected with cardiovascular disease.
It has been popularly quoted that prevention is better than cure. If you’re in middle 40’s then try to reduce the intake of fatty foods as it not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease but also increases your life span. Apart from the waxy and fatty food the lavish lifestyle too is to be blamed. So if you want to live long and healthy life then it is always advisable to consume the food having controlled cholesterol and fats.

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