Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Factors affecting Cholesterol

The behavior of the body is greatly affected by the kind of lifestyle we have. For some people their body reaction raises their level of cholesterol and thus danger of coronary diseases gets increased for them. According to a study, mostly middle aged people who take tensions and stress get a slight increase in their level of cholesterol for a short period of time. And, this short –lived elevation in cholesterol actually increases the level of cholesterol in the person permanently. It simply means it is not only rich foods and lack of exercise that affects your cholesterol but check your mental condition as well.
For proving this point, an experiment was carried out where participants have asked to perform in a heavy computer based task and their blood cholesterol level was measured. Surprisingly, researchers noticed a slight rise in the level of blood cholesterol taken after the task from the level recorded before the task. Again after three years, the level of blood cholesterol of those participants have been checked once again and found it three times higher than before. It shows how dangerous stress is.
The level of cholesterol also depends on the age, weight and heritage of a person.

According to research as we get older, our level of cholesterol also gets increased. Interestingly, men and women have different reaction to cholesterol. Women before their menopause are less prone to cholesterol in comparison to men of same age group. But, after that their level gets increased more than their counterpart. It is so natural because many hormone changes and other changes occur in them at that time.

Due to our hectic life and lack of exercising it’s really easy to gain weight nowadays. And being overweight the risk of coronary diseases get increased. That’s why emphasize has been given on loosing weight to decreases the formation of bad cholesterol and lower down the level of high cholesterol to maintain the overall physical equilibrium. Try hard to increase your HDL too.

The genes of a person play a vital role on a health of a person in many ways. So, if your parents have suffered from cholesterol side than you are likely to have same. The amount of cholesterol to deal is genetically comes through the family history too. Don’t get surprised if you find your level still high after following every other precaution. Your family role may be responsible here.
Cholesterol is a silent killer which can take your life anytime. Start taking precautions from today to say no to cholesterol.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cholesterol: FAQ’s

Nowadays everyone wants to know everything about cholesterol; so that they can take proper care from the beginning. Cholesterol is becoming the major threat to the people as majority of them are falling prey to it. With this fast growing world and changing lifestyle cholesterol has become the major disease or point of contention between the experts. Still many experts feel that if a proper level of cholesterol is maintained in the body it can do wonders for health but once it exceeds it becomes a poison. If we talk about cholesterol, it is nothing but a fatty lipid solution found in the body providing protective coating to the arteries. It not only protects the arteries but also produce sex hormones. Despite being so beneficial it is still considered dangerous as high level cholesterol is the doorway to many heart and liver related diseases.

By seeing this sudden increase in cholesterol related diseases many people pops up with numerous questions just to satisfy their quench of knowledge. The most common question asked by the majority population to the experts is, what is the exact level of cholesterol that should circulate in the body? This question is frequently asked by the people who visit any expert for checking their cholesterol level. The next question that tickles their mind is what are the main reason behind the increase in cholesterol and how can avoid that situation. Being the major threat to people many of them jot down the list of questions before going to the experts so that they can get complete information about it.

Next question which circulates in their minds is what are possible steps which can be taken in order to avert the risk of high cholesterol? Within this they ask array of questions like is exercising useful, how much should we workout, what exercises are good, what possible categories of food can be avoided and many more. It has been noticed that people simply go and bombard the volley of questions to the experts as they want to be safe and have a healthy life. Once these questions are over the next round of questions asked by them mainly deals with some general questions, is high level cholesterol and its related diseases are hereditary, can small children get affected by this disease, what precautions should be taken at an infant age in order to prevent this situation in the future.

So these are possible questions asked by the people when they visit the experts and doctors for their advice and perfect guidance. And if you’re planning a visit to the doctor then make your list of questions so that you can get every bit of information and you can be well informed too.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Types of Cholesterol

“No news is good news” but this quote never accompanies the cholesterol. With the increase in cholesterol related diseases many newer types of cholesterols are too popping up. Scientifically cholesterol is fatty and lipid substance circulating in the human body and it performs various types of bodily functions that are of great importance. Cholesterol forms every cell of the body and serves many useful and vital functions. It not only maintains healthy cell walls but also hormones, generates Vitamin D and bile acid which break the fat digestion. Sometime our body produces excessive cholesterol which leads to the blocking of the artery walls and increases the risk of heart attack and blood clot. Generally our body is very much capable of producing high level of cholesterol but we still intake more by consuming dairy and meat products. Only animal based food like meat, eggs, fish contains the cholesterol not the green and leafy vegetables.

Primarily there are two types of cholesterol firstly High Density Lipoproteins and secondly Low Density Lipoproteins. High Density Lipoprotein or popularly known as HDL is also known to be ‘good’ cholesterol. This harmless cholesterol is of great use as it carries artery fat to liver for the further metabolism. It not only removes out the Low Density Lipoproteins from the blood but also reduces the risk of various heart diseases. HDL is harmless cholesterol as it contains more of proteins instead of fats and whenever your physician looks into your cholesterol level he also checks the level of High Density Lipoproteins.

Whereas Low Density Lipoproteins or LDL is also known as bad cholesterol as it is more threatening and dangerous. LDL almost carries 60 to 70 percent of cholesterol around the body making the fat settling down at various parts. Brain, spinal cord and liver are said to be the main places where this fat settles down primarily. Research has revealed that excessive of lipoproteins always results in the increase of heart attack, heart stroke, blood clotting and many liver diseases too. There are many factors contributing towards the excessive cholesterol such as smoking, alcohol, obesity, diabetes, unhygienic diet and a lavish lifestyle.

Prevention is better than cure this popular quotation aptly suits the cholesterol and its aftermath effects. People at the age of 40’s are at higher risk as they tend to take their body for granted. People of this age usually lack in exercising and bodily movement which makes the cholesterol settle down to various body parts resulting in various heart diseases. The best way to avoid this threat is to have a healthy and hygienic diet accompanied with few exercises so that the fat never settles down at any part of the body.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Chocolate Healing

Recently American researchers astounded the whole world by declaring that chocolate can be used as the healers in diabetes and cholesterol. This has created an undulation everywhere as now everybody wants to know that how can be it possible. If we talk about cholesterol, it is nothing but a waxy, oily and lipid substance circulating in the body. It performs various important functions in the body starting from producing hormones to protecting the arteries and its surrounding walls. Being the important nutrient needed by the body it has shown its worth in the body from time to time. But once it exceeds its certain limit it becomes a reason to worry. Increased cholesterol level not only invites its related diseases but also many other problems. With each passing hour many people are falling to the trap laid by it. In a survey it was revealed that 50% of American population is underneath the threat of high cholesterol irrespective to the age.

As it has been evidential that cocoa contains antioxidants flavonoids known as flavonols which not only reduces the cholesterol level but also cut down its growth. It has been stated that the person having large quantity of flavonols in his body is said to be free from various diseases like coronary heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, diabetes and prostate cancer. By seeing this sudden development many companies are now in a process to introduce the medicine contains these components so that they can get a cutting edge over their rivals. Many few know that chocolate is the best medicine to avoid depression as it reduces the oxidative stress in the both blood vessels and cells which takes you miles away from lung cancer and cholesterol related diseases.

Experts always recommend that there should be at least minimum intake of chocolates by the person so that all the concentrated cholesterol in the arteries gets burn and is transported to liver for further metabolism. But make sure that the excessive consumption of chocolates sometime lead to various digestion related diseases and many more to mention. It is wise to consume fruits and vegetables too just in order to make sure that too much consumption of chocolate doesn’t land you up in any trouble. So if you are worrying about your rising cholesterol then just relax and start eating chocolates now in order to have reduced and lowered cholesterol level in body.

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