Friday, December 28, 2007

Will Drinking Tea Lower Your Cholesterol?

These days cholesterol is creating havoc, as death toll due to this disease is ever rising. Majority of the American population is said to have high level cholesterol and this makes them to suffer from its related diseases. By seeing this sudden increase many companies are now in a hurry to produce the drug that can reduce the cholesterol level significantly. And some how they are successful too but what they never highlight is the side effects attached to it. Firstly if we talk about cholesterol, it is a fatty, lipid and waxy substance circulating in the bloodstream. It not only provides the protective coating to the arteries but also produces sex hormones and many fatty acids required by the body.

But once this fat exceeds its limit it becomes the real threat. Nowadays cholesterol reductions medications are selling are like hot cakes in the American market but still many people are unaware of its side effects. Among this whole list of medications the new way which has grown immensely is the tea. According to the experts tea can also help in reducing the cholesterol level in the body. But concrete conclusion is still not out. Many experts feel it do but many discard this theory by calling it as a fluke. They feel that tea cannot reduce cholesterol but yes can curb the raising the cholesterol. However this theory too is not supported by any evidences.

According to the myth, tea can reduce cholesterol level in the body as it breaks down the complex and concentrated plaque on the arteries. But not an ordinary tea, only green and herbal tea has this feature. They tend to have some special herbs and shrubs which not only break down the piled up cholesterol but also curtail the cholesterol growth. But this process tends to take time as it is very lethargy and tedious process. In this the person has to drink green tea for certain amount of time and at fixed frequency. Mainly 35 cups of green tea and that too per week is necessary in order to break down the cholesterol.

Black tea too is of very good use in terms of reducing high cholesterol as it burn the concentrated fat. Being in natural state it has many benefits attached to it. But what make people reluctant in drinking it, is the bitter taste of it. That’s why despite being so beneficial people still avoid and go in for pills and drugs which are accompanied with array of side effects. So your health is in your hands and takes a wise step in order to have happy and healthy living.

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