Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cholesterol: FAQ’s

Nowadays everyone wants to know everything about cholesterol; so that they can take proper care from the beginning. Cholesterol is becoming the major threat to the people as majority of them are falling prey to it. With this fast growing world and changing lifestyle cholesterol has become the major disease or point of contention between the experts. Still many experts feel that if a proper level of cholesterol is maintained in the body it can do wonders for health but once it exceeds it becomes a poison. If we talk about cholesterol, it is nothing but a fatty lipid solution found in the body providing protective coating to the arteries. It not only protects the arteries but also produce sex hormones. Despite being so beneficial it is still considered dangerous as high level cholesterol is the doorway to many heart and liver related diseases.

By seeing this sudden increase in cholesterol related diseases many people pops up with numerous questions just to satisfy their quench of knowledge. The most common question asked by the majority population to the experts is, what is the exact level of cholesterol that should circulate in the body? This question is frequently asked by the people who visit any expert for checking their cholesterol level. The next question that tickles their mind is what are the main reason behind the increase in cholesterol and how can avoid that situation. Being the major threat to people many of them jot down the list of questions before going to the experts so that they can get complete information about it.

Next question which circulates in their minds is what are possible steps which can be taken in order to avert the risk of high cholesterol? Within this they ask array of questions like is exercising useful, how much should we workout, what exercises are good, what possible categories of food can be avoided and many more. It has been noticed that people simply go and bombard the volley of questions to the experts as they want to be safe and have a healthy life. Once these questions are over the next round of questions asked by them mainly deals with some general questions, is high level cholesterol and its related diseases are hereditary, can small children get affected by this disease, what precautions should be taken at an infant age in order to prevent this situation in the future.

So these are possible questions asked by the people when they visit the experts and doctors for their advice and perfect guidance. And if you’re planning a visit to the doctor then make your list of questions so that you can get every bit of information and you can be well informed too.

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