Saturday, October 31, 2009

What you need to know about Cholesterol testing?

These days majority of the people are worried about their raising cholesterol and its related diseases which makes them give constant visit to the doctor. Generally cholesterol is not a threat to the body only if it’s in control but once it exceeds, it paves the way for many heart and liver related diseases. Cholesterol is the fatty and waxy substance found in the body circulating in the bloodstream. It performs various important bodily functions like providing protective coating to arteries, producing sex hormones and even generating heat in the body. Nowadays technology advancement has made blood cholesterol test pretty easier and inexpensive too.

Getting the test done is far more simple and quick but what creates doubt in the mind is the accuracy and interpretation of the result. Despite being simple and quick this blood cholesterol test cannot be done in the laboratory that easily. Actually different labs use different methods and ways of testing which sometime yield different results. It is always advisable to get that report analyzed by an experienced doctor so that the authenticity can be measured. Generally laboratory machines and laboratory trainers are not well versed with the technology which ends up giving unreliable and unsatisfactory results.

There are many factors which should be kept in mind while going in for blood cholesterol test as results could vary in different situations. The most important factor that can effects the cholesterol test is the season. Mostly cholesterol level is on higher side during the winters in comparison to summers. When fat is slightly on lower side. Very few know that even your body position during blood test also affects the results. The result may vary if your body posture is either not correct or not in comfortable position. It is always advisable to avoid exercises before the blood cholesterol test as it can lead to wrong results. It has been seen that exercises temporarily increase the cholesterol level in the body which can reflect in the results. Not only exercises but prolonged illness, pregnancy, heart attack or even some medicines can vary the results. If you’re suffering from any of this disease then it is wise to discuss it with your doctor so that the perfect and accurate result can be generated.

So try to keep all the above mentioned points in mind while going in for blood cholesterol test so that the test result is accurate and error free.

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