Friday, December 28, 2007

Will Drinking Tea Lower Your Cholesterol?

These days cholesterol is creating havoc, as death toll due to this disease is ever rising. Majority of the American population is said to have high level cholesterol and this makes them to suffer from its related diseases. By seeing this sudden increase many companies are now in a hurry to produce the drug that can reduce the cholesterol level significantly. And some how they are successful too but what they never highlight is the side effects attached to it. Firstly if we talk about cholesterol, it is a fatty, lipid and waxy substance circulating in the bloodstream. It not only provides the protective coating to the arteries but also produces sex hormones and many fatty acids required by the body.

But once this fat exceeds its limit it becomes the real threat. Nowadays cholesterol reductions medications are selling are like hot cakes in the American market but still many people are unaware of its side effects. Among this whole list of medications the new way which has grown immensely is the tea. According to the experts tea can also help in reducing the cholesterol level in the body. But concrete conclusion is still not out. Many experts feel it do but many discard this theory by calling it as a fluke. They feel that tea cannot reduce cholesterol but yes can curb the raising the cholesterol. However this theory too is not supported by any evidences.

According to the myth, tea can reduce cholesterol level in the body as it breaks down the complex and concentrated plaque on the arteries. But not an ordinary tea, only green and herbal tea has this feature. They tend to have some special herbs and shrubs which not only break down the piled up cholesterol but also curtail the cholesterol growth. But this process tends to take time as it is very lethargy and tedious process. In this the person has to drink green tea for certain amount of time and at fixed frequency. Mainly 35 cups of green tea and that too per week is necessary in order to break down the cholesterol.

Black tea too is of very good use in terms of reducing high cholesterol as it burn the concentrated fat. Being in natural state it has many benefits attached to it. But what make people reluctant in drinking it, is the bitter taste of it. That’s why despite being so beneficial people still avoid and go in for pills and drugs which are accompanied with array of side effects. So your health is in your hands and takes a wise step in order to have happy and healthy living.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Children and Cholesterol

It is said rightly, if you want to set the base for future; look towards the children of the present. It will give you the picture. The process through which the collection of cholesterol begins in the childhood days is known as “atherosclerotic” that continues till adulthood. Most of the parents don’t feel the need of controlling the level of cholesterol as they are unaware about the risk they are taking with their kid’s life.

Cholesterol not only generates heart problems in young hearts but it may also cause other serious problems like Obesity, hypertension, diabetics and high blood pressure. Lack of proper care and precautions make the situation actually worse. Some kids might have to suffer more because of their family history. So, it is advisable to make a routine for kids to follow the activities like exercising, avoiding unhealthy and junk foods just to maintain a good living.

Health of diabetic children or children whose parents or siblings suffer heart diseases before the age of sixty years is more at risk than other children of the same age. Here, they need a constant monitoring in their daily activities and guidance & support of their loved ones.

For keeping kids healthier, a balanced diet (a combination of protein based cereals and other fibrous foods) preferably vegetarian can prove a better option. Eat plenty of raw vegetables like carrot, cabbage, beans, lentils and soy to ensure the nutrition value at the right quantity. Besides, other fibrous foods based on soy, rich in proteins and vitamins should also to be included in the diet of young ones. Ensure that young ones are getting appropriate nutrients at right quantity for their growth and health as well. You can also motivate kids to exercise more like aerobics and others to make them understand the real benefit of these activities. Certain important weight biter exercises like walking and jogging should also followed very strictly. Especially teenagers who start smoking and drinking have to be observed constantly. Research shows that habit of drinking and smoking in early age enhances cholesterol. Guide them about the ill-effects of these habits and make sure they are on the right path.

Children are the raw materials. The need is to educate and inform them about the necessity of keeping a good health for their golden future and prosperous long life.
It’s up to parents what they prefer.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Can Low Cholesterol Increase Your Parkinson's Risk?

Nowadays majority of the population are coming under the treat of high cholesterol and its related diseases. A significant increase has been noticed in the rise of deaths related to high cholesterol. Experts have confirmed that low cholesterol level increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease that too especially in men. Parkinson’s disease is neurological disease which affects the muscles and is also characterized by tremors, difficulty in walking and also lack of coordination among body parts. This disease directly affects the brain and it nerves making them dead which leads to many neurodegenerative diseases. Nervous system is the epicenter of this disease which also affects bowel control leading to recurrent constipation and lack of hunger.

Low cholesterol is the stage where either the body does not have certain amount of cholesterol level or is not able to produce minimum cholesterol required by the body. As cholesterol is the fatty and waxy lipid substance found in the body, it provides the fat to the arteries and its surrounding walls. Cholesterol is the most important solution required by the body as it not only produces hormones but also provides protective coating and fat to the arteries. It has been proved that our brain too require some amount of cholesterol just to keep it healthy and going. Brain is like a machine which should be oiled in order to keep it going but make sure the oiling is limited as increased oil can lead to Parkinson’s disease. As everyone know that Parkinson’s disease is related to nerves and nerves are directly linked to brain, so excess fat concentration in brain and its related areas can enhance the risk of this engine.

In one of the survey it was revealed that women are at less risk in contrast to men in accordance with this disease. They also stated that men are 75% more prone to this disease in comparison to women. Women can usually face this disease after reaching at the age of 75 whereas men of 55 to 65 years can fall prey to it. It has been proved that cholesterol is capable enough to remove the toxins from the body which can increase the risk of this deadly disease. But still many succumb to it.

So in order to avoid this deadly disease and its consequences simply consume right amount of cholesterol required by the body but never allow that limit to exceed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Berries to reduce your cholesterol

With each passing day and year many people are falling prey to the trap laid by cholesterol. A significant increase has been noticed in the number of people who succumbed to this slow poison. Cholesterol is rightly known as silent killer and slow poison as it keeps on piling up in the body from very infant age and marks its presence only once its limit is crossed or person crosses 40 years of his age. Cholesterol is the fatty, waxy and lipid solution found in the body which provides fat required by the body. It also produces hormones in the body along with providing protective coating to the arteries. By seeing this sudden rise in cholesterol related diseases many new companies have jumped into the market for providing best cholesterol reduction medicine but they are still not successful because of various side effects attached to it.

This has paved the way for nature to step in and provide best and safe cholesterol reduction ways. It has truly outshined many drugs who claim to be best cholesterol reduction pills. Going the natural way berries are said to be the best way to reduce the rising cholesterol. It has been proved that berries not only reverse serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, ulcers but also cholesterol. According to the experts consuming berries everyday reduce the cholesterol level significantly. They should be consumed in raw state instead of cooked or processed berries as they contain the imperative phytonchemicals and antioxidants which not only break the complex cholesterol particles but also curbs its growth.

Cranberries, strawberries and raspberries normally fall in this category as they reduce the cholesterol level to a great extent. All of them are capable enough to fight diseases and also raising cholesterol as they contain profusion of vitamins and minerals required by the body. Just choose any variety of berries for consumption whether it is blue, red and purple and make sure they are consumed regularly in order to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. But make sure that those berries are natural in state and are not artificial with applied color. This can give a dealt blow to your health as well as to your immune system.

So, if you are suffering from high cholesterol and prone to heart related diseases then this is the time to change your diet and start eating berries to lead a healthy life.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Age old ayurvedic remedy to check that extra cholesterol

Nowadays cholesterol has become a serious threat by claiming almost 46% of deaths around the world that too due to cholesterol and coronary heart diseases. Cholesterol is nothing but a fatty, waxy and lipid substance circulating in the body in bloodstream providing the fat required by the body. Generally this fat travels in the body through packages known as lipoproteins. Broadly talking there are two types of lipoproteins known as High Density Lipoproteins and Low Density Lipoproteins. High Density Lipoproteins or good cholesterol is produced in the body and act as a synthesizer. It breaks down the complex and bigger particles of cholesterol in to pieces before transporting it to the liver.

Whereas low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol is harmful to the body as it increase the risk of various heart diseases. It not only affects the liver but also creates muscular malfunctioning. These days by sensing the sudden increase majority of the company have jumped into the market in order to produce best and trusted cholesterol reduction medicines. Generally these medicines are attached with array of side effects which are loss of hunger, indigestion and lack of energy. But in this whole lot there are still some medicines whose are more refined and provide best results. Ayurveda is one medicine which has shown its prominence in the available lot.

Hyperlipidaemia is one medicine which has ruled the roost for long. It is one medicine which has no side effects but only benefits. It is the combination of many herbs and shrubs which in all make this medicine. This medicine not only lowers down the cholesterol but also increases good cholesterol along with the enhancement of energy. It takes mere two months for this medicine to show its prominence.

Another most widely used medicine is guggulu. This medicine and its native plant are found in India and have been in vicinity for ages. Its gum resin contains a bitter taste which breaks down the cholesterol particles into pieces and transporting them to liver for further metabolism. Being the purest form ayurvedic medicine generally have no side effects and are natural in state. Being the purest form they not only refine the body but also remove that extra cholesterol concentrated on the arteries. So if you have high cholesterol and thinking to take some medicine, then just zero yourself on ayurveda as it can remove all your plaque and cholesterol.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A guide to healthy snacking

Nowadays majority of the population is under complete pressure to perform well. This has made them to prioritize various things in their list and in that list health holds the last position. This is not the wise thing as without having good and sound health you can never achieve what you ought to. With changing trends eating habits are too on serious change. Earlier people were used to eat the food which is very healthy and nutritious but now they eat food just to fill their empty stomach. Now they simply eat for the sake of eating. With tight working schedule majority of people have different eating timings. Means they generally have longer breaks in between the work. This led to increase in consumption of junk and oily food. That’s why many people are becoming hot victims of high cholesterol and its related diseases.

It’s that food habits which takes us to high cholesterol stage and its related diseases. It has been seen that people having erroneous eating habits and who mainly consume junk or unhygienic food are always on the road to high cholesterol. It is always advisable to intake green and healthy food so that cholesterol level always is in control. Try not to add manufactured oil in the food as it is said to be the prime source of high fatty acids. Instead of that use olive oil as they contain less calories along with less fat. Avoid eating food at the restaurants and cafes as they largely use the manufactured oil and that too of very low grade. This often leads to high level cholesterol and its related diseases. It has been noticed that people who maximum time eat food outside are often prone to high cholesterol and its related diseases. Lessen the consumption of saturated fat as they are the prime source of cholesterol and fat.
People who love to drink milk are always advised to consume fat free milk as milk too contains a lot of fat. People who are prone to heart diseases are always told to avoid full cream milk. Also try to avoid meat and chicken as regularly as they are too high source of fats and fatty acids. Eliminate cookies, candies, fried food and chips from the diet chart as they are the prime source having fats and cholesterol. So, if you are habitual of eating out and that too junk food so this is the time to awake yourself and avoid these foods. As healthy eating is the door to happy living.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Weight Loss Medication

Every year 17 million Americans buy diet and weight loss pills in hopes of losing weight and getting a slim body. They are constantly hunting for an easy way to find quick results with less hassle. That’s why liposuction gained sudden popularity but it has its own disadvantages too.

Delving in the history Of Diet Pills
In the 50s and 60s, diet pills were derived mainly from amphetamines. Many women got addicted, so diet and regular exercise became the healthy alternative and the part of fitness regime. Then in 1973, the FDA approved fenfluramine, and so began a number of FDA-approved diet drugs.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, many hopped on the diet drug bandwagon and did see results. Unfortunately, many patients started experiencing various heart problems, primarily heart valve disease. That’s why in 1990s Pondimin, Redux, and Phen-fen were recalled.

It is wise to consult your doctor prior considering using a weight loss medication. Follow the instruction and only stay on the medicine for the prescribed time that too only 12 weeks. Diet pills work wonders for those who are severely overweight and that increasing weight is heading towards a health problem. Therefore, you must follow a normal weight loss and exercise regimen. Always remember that weight loss medication is a short-term aid for weight control which sometime proves to be dangerous too.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Losing Weight With Herb Supplements

With an optimum balance between energy intake (food) and energy output (physical activity), weight can be controlled perfectly. Therefore, don’t hesitate to plan a regular program of weight control that includes exercise and a strict less calorie diet.

In order to loose weight, many people crashing their diet. But, in reality emphasis must be given on reducing your calorie intake while at the same time using up your stored fat. Therefore, an effective weight loss program helps to burn up some of the stored fat in your body to give you a slimmer look.

Weight Loss and Activities
Our daily activities play a greater role in our weight control program. In fact, the amount and type of our daily activities and the amount and type of food you consume determine the quantity of the weight lost. For example, if you consume 100 calories a day more than your body requires, you will probably gain 10 pounds in a year. Likewise, if you walk a mile a day, you will tend to burn from 100 to 1000 calories daily depending on the quality of the walk. (A brisk walk burns calorie faster than stroll walk.) That is why, an effective combination of good exercise and nutritious diet offers the best loom to weight control.

Generally, muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue and you don’t know how much stored fat you have lost. Muscle does use up calories at a faster rate than fat tissue, and this will directly affect your body's metabolism. Your Basal Metabolism Rate is the amount of energy you require to sustain your body at rest that varies with person’s age, sex, body size, genetic makeup and body composition. People with higher levels of muscle tend to have a higher metabolism rate. They also use more calories in the relaxing stage. Therefore, frequent exercise and building up your muscle tissue are important elements of an effective weight loss program.
With an effective weight loss program, a person can control his weight at a great extent. With an effective exercise and diet program, you will gain increased vivacity and an improved energy level. That makes you enjoy your life more than ever.
For More about weight loss program and cholesterol diets visit here :

Thursday, January 11, 2007

How to lower your Cholesterol

These days high cholesterol level is becoming the concern for majority of the people. They are in a hunt of methods to lower down their cholesterol level so that the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases can be avoided. Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the human body and it provides veil to the nerves and helps in building up of hormones. It is essential part of the body as it produces the much needed fat so that body functions properly. But ones this fat exceeds its limit it becomes a curse as it brings many heart related diseases. Excess fat gets settled at the artery walls creating an obstacle in normal blood flow. Brain, spinal cord and liver are three major areas where this fat gets accumulated.

In human body cholesterol travels through blood in different packages known as Lipoproteins. Lipoproteins can also be divided into 2 parts firstly High Density Lipoproteins and secondly Low Density Lipoproteins. It is always advisable to get your cholesterol level checked frequently so that you know when you have to cut down your diet. People in 40’s or above are at more risk as at this time cholesterol level starts rising. Nowadays by seeing the cholesterol rise many new companies are introducing the medicines to lower down the cholesterol. But these medicines are attached with array of side effects which can give a dealt blow to the human body. The best way to avoid cholesterol is to eat healthy and green food. It has been noticed that vegetables and fruits have no cholesterol in comparison to meat and dairy products.

Exercises are another way to lower down the cholesterol. It is advisable to do some body movements and exercise as it helps in burning down the excessive fat getting concentrated in the body. Exercises not only burn down the fat but also keep the body in shape and also keep the cholesterol in control. Ones you’re diagnosed with high cholesterol it is wise to stop eating food products like meat, eggs, fish, sausages and all the oily stuff. Whereas eat more of green vegetable or the food having unsaturated fats so that your Low Density Lipoproteins comes down significantly.

So if you wan to live long and healthy life then this is the time to keep a check on your cholesterol. Start exercising now as it will clear the road to the healthy life. So eat healthy and live happily.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

cholesterol lipids chol/hdl ratio

Cholesterol is becoming a serial killer and targeting women too. With the recent survey it was confirmed that every year almost 500,000 American women dies due to high cholesterol and its related disease. Nowadays men and women are going head to head in terms of cholesterol level and giving each other a tough fight. Earlier times it was only men who were at the risk of high cholesterol but now with changing lifestyle and eating habits women are too catching up. Approximately there are 56 million American women who are at the stage of having high cholesterol. This sudden increase has created a rage among women as it is going at very high speed.

American Health Association has confirmed these statistics and also stated that with these changing trends now women are under more threat in comparison to the men. Women usually have higher High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) in their body in comparison to men. This HDL is said to be good cholesterol but ones this cholesterol starts falling Low Density Lipoproteins is on raise. This usually happens at the time when women start consuming unhygienic and fatty diet. So they are always advised to do constant exercises and body movements in order to be fit and in shape. Cholesterol generally rises in the women body during and after the pregnancy. In pregnancy women are advised to go in for healthy and rich diet but they take it as misconception and starts consuming fatty and oily diet. However it is good to intake them but they should be accompanied with exercises.

This consumed fat gradually settles at the arteries and its surrounding walls resulting in cardiovascular disease. After pregnancy in order to gain health and fitness women are advised to consume more food. This again uncontrolled and unhygienic diet is the road towards heart disease. Experts always advise women to do constant exercises and body movements so that the extra fat settled around arteries gets burned. It has been noticed that waist, thighs and biceps are the major areas where the fat settles. So it is wise for women to do exercises targeting these areas.

So if you’re pregnant women or recently gave a birth to a baby then this is the time to pull up your socks and gear up for some body exercises. Hard work and exercise at this time is the road to healthy life and happy living.

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