Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Children and Cholesterol

It is said rightly, if you want to set the base for future; look towards the children of the present. It will give you the picture. The process through which the collection of cholesterol begins in the childhood days is known as “atherosclerotic” that continues till adulthood. Most of the parents don’t feel the need of controlling the level of cholesterol as they are unaware about the risk they are taking with their kid’s life.

Cholesterol not only generates heart problems in young hearts but it may also cause other serious problems like Obesity, hypertension, diabetics and high blood pressure. Lack of proper care and precautions make the situation actually worse. Some kids might have to suffer more because of their family history. So, it is advisable to make a routine for kids to follow the activities like exercising, avoiding unhealthy and junk foods just to maintain a good living.

Health of diabetic children or children whose parents or siblings suffer heart diseases before the age of sixty years is more at risk than other children of the same age. Here, they need a constant monitoring in their daily activities and guidance & support of their loved ones.

For keeping kids healthier, a balanced diet (a combination of protein based cereals and other fibrous foods) preferably vegetarian can prove a better option. Eat plenty of raw vegetables like carrot, cabbage, beans, lentils and soy to ensure the nutrition value at the right quantity. Besides, other fibrous foods based on soy, rich in proteins and vitamins should also to be included in the diet of young ones. Ensure that young ones are getting appropriate nutrients at right quantity for their growth and health as well. You can also motivate kids to exercise more like aerobics and others to make them understand the real benefit of these activities. Certain important weight biter exercises like walking and jogging should also followed very strictly. Especially teenagers who start smoking and drinking have to be observed constantly. Research shows that habit of drinking and smoking in early age enhances cholesterol. Guide them about the ill-effects of these habits and make sure they are on the right path.

Children are the raw materials. The need is to educate and inform them about the necessity of keeping a good health for their golden future and prosperous long life.
It’s up to parents what they prefer.

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