Thursday, January 8, 2009

Natural way to lower your Cholesterol

The first thing that strikes your mind after hearing cholesterol is that, it is the waxy lipid substance circulating in the body which creates a havoc once it crosses its level. But scientifically it is very important for the body in order to provide and perform important functions and actions within the body. It acts as a coat covering the nerves and arteries but once this coating exceeds it creates an obstacle in circulation of blood within the body. Our body is capable enough in producing the normal cholesterol required by the body but still people intake them by the consumption of products like meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

Broadly there are two type of cholesterols Low Density Cholesterol (LDC) and High Density Cholesterol (HDC). But very few know about the third one known as Very Low Density Cholesterol (VLDC) which is as harmful as Low Density Cholesterol. Generally our body requires High Density cholesterol but ones this HDC increases its limit it becomes LDC which is very dangerous for the human body. Nowadays there are many ways to lower down the cholesterol that are drugs, exercises and even diet. But the best and trusted way is the natural way. It’s just that you have to replace the certain food with some other diet. The best way is to stay vegetarian as vegetables don’t have any cholesterol and are very healthy too. Try to remove meat, poultry products, fish, sausages and cheese from the diet as they are very dangerous.

Try to add more of fibers in the food as it breaks down the cholesterol significantly. It also acts as a synthesizer and balances the level between good and bad cholesterol. Replace butter with olive oil in the food as it lower down the Low Density Cholesterol and simultaneously increases High Density Cholesterol. Start consuming green tea as it reduces the LDC to a great extent. Consume foods rich in Vitamins B3 as it not only increases the good cholesterol but also keeps the body in fine shape with controlled cholesterol. Increase the intake of lecithin as it removes the fat from the body and avoid the piling up of fats around the arteries and its surrounding walls. The best natural way is the consumption of guggul lipid, an herb that is native to India and very popular in ayurveda too. This herb helps to lower down the Low Density Cholesterol and maintains the exact level of cholesterol required by the body.

In this fast growing world if you want to live healthy and have a cutting edge over others then start controlling your cholesterol now naturally. So for healthy and happy living go for controlled and natural diet as your health is in your hands.

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