Monday, January 14, 2008

Chocolate Healing

Recently American researchers astounded the whole world by declaring that chocolate can be used as the healers in diabetes and cholesterol. This has created an undulation everywhere as now everybody wants to know that how can be it possible. If we talk about cholesterol, it is nothing but a waxy, oily and lipid substance circulating in the body. It performs various important functions in the body starting from producing hormones to protecting the arteries and its surrounding walls. Being the important nutrient needed by the body it has shown its worth in the body from time to time. But once it exceeds its certain limit it becomes a reason to worry. Increased cholesterol level not only invites its related diseases but also many other problems. With each passing hour many people are falling to the trap laid by it. In a survey it was revealed that 50% of American population is underneath the threat of high cholesterol irrespective to the age.

As it has been evidential that cocoa contains antioxidants flavonoids known as flavonols which not only reduces the cholesterol level but also cut down its growth. It has been stated that the person having large quantity of flavonols in his body is said to be free from various diseases like coronary heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, diabetes and prostate cancer. By seeing this sudden development many companies are now in a process to introduce the medicine contains these components so that they can get a cutting edge over their rivals. Many few know that chocolate is the best medicine to avoid depression as it reduces the oxidative stress in the both blood vessels and cells which takes you miles away from lung cancer and cholesterol related diseases.

Experts always recommend that there should be at least minimum intake of chocolates by the person so that all the concentrated cholesterol in the arteries gets burn and is transported to liver for further metabolism. But make sure that the excessive consumption of chocolates sometime lead to various digestion related diseases and many more to mention. It is wise to consume fruits and vegetables too just in order to make sure that too much consumption of chocolate doesn’t land you up in any trouble. So if you are worrying about your rising cholesterol then just relax and start eating chocolates now in order to have reduced and lowered cholesterol level in body.

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