Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A guide to healthy snacking

Nowadays majority of the population is under complete pressure to perform well. This has made them to prioritize various things in their list and in that list health holds the last position. This is not the wise thing as without having good and sound health you can never achieve what you ought to. With changing trends eating habits are too on serious change. Earlier people were used to eat the food which is very healthy and nutritious but now they eat food just to fill their empty stomach. Now they simply eat for the sake of eating. With tight working schedule majority of people have different eating timings. Means they generally have longer breaks in between the work. This led to increase in consumption of junk and oily food. That’s why many people are becoming hot victims of high cholesterol and its related diseases.

It’s that food habits which takes us to high cholesterol stage and its related diseases. It has been seen that people having erroneous eating habits and who mainly consume junk or unhygienic food are always on the road to high cholesterol. It is always advisable to intake green and healthy food so that cholesterol level always is in control. Try not to add manufactured oil in the food as it is said to be the prime source of high fatty acids. Instead of that use olive oil as they contain less calories along with less fat. Avoid eating food at the restaurants and cafes as they largely use the manufactured oil and that too of very low grade. This often leads to high level cholesterol and its related diseases. It has been noticed that people who maximum time eat food outside are often prone to high cholesterol and its related diseases. Lessen the consumption of saturated fat as they are the prime source of cholesterol and fat.
People who love to drink milk are always advised to consume fat free milk as milk too contains a lot of fat. People who are prone to heart diseases are always told to avoid full cream milk. Also try to avoid meat and chicken as regularly as they are too high source of fats and fatty acids. Eliminate cookies, candies, fried food and chips from the diet chart as they are the prime source having fats and cholesterol. So, if you are habitual of eating out and that too junk food so this is the time to awake yourself and avoid these foods. As healthy eating is the door to happy living.

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