Sunday, May 6, 2007

Can Low Cholesterol Increase Your Parkinson's Risk?

Nowadays majority of the population are coming under the treat of high cholesterol and its related diseases. A significant increase has been noticed in the rise of deaths related to high cholesterol. Experts have confirmed that low cholesterol level increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease that too especially in men. Parkinson’s disease is neurological disease which affects the muscles and is also characterized by tremors, difficulty in walking and also lack of coordination among body parts. This disease directly affects the brain and it nerves making them dead which leads to many neurodegenerative diseases. Nervous system is the epicenter of this disease which also affects bowel control leading to recurrent constipation and lack of hunger.

Low cholesterol is the stage where either the body does not have certain amount of cholesterol level or is not able to produce minimum cholesterol required by the body. As cholesterol is the fatty and waxy lipid substance found in the body, it provides the fat to the arteries and its surrounding walls. Cholesterol is the most important solution required by the body as it not only produces hormones but also provides protective coating and fat to the arteries. It has been proved that our brain too require some amount of cholesterol just to keep it healthy and going. Brain is like a machine which should be oiled in order to keep it going but make sure the oiling is limited as increased oil can lead to Parkinson’s disease. As everyone know that Parkinson’s disease is related to nerves and nerves are directly linked to brain, so excess fat concentration in brain and its related areas can enhance the risk of this engine.

In one of the survey it was revealed that women are at less risk in contrast to men in accordance with this disease. They also stated that men are 75% more prone to this disease in comparison to women. Women can usually face this disease after reaching at the age of 75 whereas men of 55 to 65 years can fall prey to it. It has been proved that cholesterol is capable enough to remove the toxins from the body which can increase the risk of this deadly disease. But still many succumb to it.

So in order to avoid this deadly disease and its consequences simply consume right amount of cholesterol required by the body but never allow that limit to exceed.

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