Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Factors affecting Cholesterol

The behavior of the body is greatly affected by the kind of lifestyle we have. For some people their body reaction raises their level of cholesterol and thus danger of coronary diseases gets increased for them. According to a study, mostly middle aged people who take tensions and stress get a slight increase in their level of cholesterol for a short period of time. And, this short –lived elevation in cholesterol actually increases the level of cholesterol in the person permanently. It simply means it is not only rich foods and lack of exercise that affects your cholesterol but check your mental condition as well.
For proving this point, an experiment was carried out where participants have asked to perform in a heavy computer based task and their blood cholesterol level was measured. Surprisingly, researchers noticed a slight rise in the level of blood cholesterol taken after the task from the level recorded before the task. Again after three years, the level of blood cholesterol of those participants have been checked once again and found it three times higher than before. It shows how dangerous stress is.
The level of cholesterol also depends on the age, weight and heritage of a person.

According to research as we get older, our level of cholesterol also gets increased. Interestingly, men and women have different reaction to cholesterol. Women before their menopause are less prone to cholesterol in comparison to men of same age group. But, after that their level gets increased more than their counterpart. It is so natural because many hormone changes and other changes occur in them at that time.

Due to our hectic life and lack of exercising it’s really easy to gain weight nowadays. And being overweight the risk of coronary diseases get increased. That’s why emphasize has been given on loosing weight to decreases the formation of bad cholesterol and lower down the level of high cholesterol to maintain the overall physical equilibrium. Try hard to increase your HDL too.

The genes of a person play a vital role on a health of a person in many ways. So, if your parents have suffered from cholesterol side than you are likely to have same. The amount of cholesterol to deal is genetically comes through the family history too. Don’t get surprised if you find your level still high after following every other precaution. Your family role may be responsible here.
Cholesterol is a silent killer which can take your life anytime. Start taking precautions from today to say no to cholesterol.

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