Thursday, March 26, 2009


Do you ever wonder why happiness is always connected to heart? And happiness comes with total fitness. But have you checked how healthy is your heart? Not yet? According to stats, a major chunk of heart risk is caused by cholesterol. 

Cholesterol is nothing but a sticky substance produced by the liver, which undertakes the function of digesting dietary fats, making all sex hormones and cell membranes. And excess of this can actually block the arteries. Hence risk of heart attacks and strokes get increased. 

It causes by taking high calorie intakes like sea foods, eggs and whole dairy products such as milk. That’s why stress has put on to consume fat free milk to cope up with problem of high intake of excess fats in the body. 

Through exercising and maintaining a diet chart, this problem can be tackled easily. Doing swimming; walking, jogging, meditation on a regular pace helps you to be in shape. It raises regular pace of the heart to lower the risk of cholesterol. Maintenance of proper food habits like avoiding fat free foods (less cholesterol foods which include less oil and less fat) and using foods prepared from methods like roasting, baking, steaming and boiling are also considered quite safe in controlling weight and cholesterol. But do you know what the other factors which equally affect cholesterol are? 

The habit of smoking reduces the chance of attacks by decreasing the tendency of blood clotting and keeps the level of cholesterol normal. A balanced diet, which ensures all the essential nutrition at an appropriate proportion, is always kept in mind while eating too. It’s not that you eat less but monitor what you eat. Cholesterol will be at its place. 

Nowadays, consuming liquor is also seen as cholesterol biter. Researchers have come with a conclusion that one can prevent heart diseases by consuming liquor in appropriate level. But, it can cause other dangers like high blood pressure, obesity, stroke etc. Ensure your limit if you drink. 

Now the question arises who are mostly prone to cholesterol problem? Stats show, not only elders but children also suffer from this problem as the process of atherosclerotic starts in childhood and continues in adulthood causing great risk of heart problems. Sadly in last two decades 42 per cent people who get discharged from hospitals for coronary diseases are mostly those who suffered cholesterol in their childhood days. Therefore, it has to be controlled from a very tender age.

By keeping above points in mind, it’s really easy to avert this problem. Be healthy and be hearty.

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