Thursday, January 11, 2007

How to lower your Cholesterol

These days high cholesterol level is becoming the concern for majority of the people. They are in a hunt of methods to lower down their cholesterol level so that the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases can be avoided. Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the human body and it provides veil to the nerves and helps in building up of hormones. It is essential part of the body as it produces the much needed fat so that body functions properly. But ones this fat exceeds its limit it becomes a curse as it brings many heart related diseases. Excess fat gets settled at the artery walls creating an obstacle in normal blood flow. Brain, spinal cord and liver are three major areas where this fat gets accumulated.

In human body cholesterol travels through blood in different packages known as Lipoproteins. Lipoproteins can also be divided into 2 parts firstly High Density Lipoproteins and secondly Low Density Lipoproteins. It is always advisable to get your cholesterol level checked frequently so that you know when you have to cut down your diet. People in 40’s or above are at more risk as at this time cholesterol level starts rising. Nowadays by seeing the cholesterol rise many new companies are introducing the medicines to lower down the cholesterol. But these medicines are attached with array of side effects which can give a dealt blow to the human body. The best way to avoid cholesterol is to eat healthy and green food. It has been noticed that vegetables and fruits have no cholesterol in comparison to meat and dairy products.

Exercises are another way to lower down the cholesterol. It is advisable to do some body movements and exercise as it helps in burning down the excessive fat getting concentrated in the body. Exercises not only burn down the fat but also keep the body in shape and also keep the cholesterol in control. Ones you’re diagnosed with high cholesterol it is wise to stop eating food products like meat, eggs, fish, sausages and all the oily stuff. Whereas eat more of green vegetable or the food having unsaturated fats so that your Low Density Lipoproteins comes down significantly.

So if you wan to live long and healthy life then this is the time to keep a check on your cholesterol. Start exercising now as it will clear the road to the healthy life. So eat healthy and live happily.

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