Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cholesterol and Age

With the changing trends and fast paced life cholesterol level and its related diseases are too on high. It has become the concern for majority of the populace, as they are falling prey to it. Talking about cholesterol, it is the fatty and waxy solution circulating in the body. It is produced within the body and that too in the required amount. Our body psychic is designed in such a way that almost 85% of cholesterol is produced within the body and remaining 15% is completed by consuming milk and dairy products.

Usually cholesterol piles up in the body from an infant age. This continuous piling up often leads to high level cholesterol. Once it exceeds its level it becomes the real threat. Children who are obese or overweight generally tend to have more cholesterol level in comparison to other children. They generally suffer from high level cholesterol during their 40’s and 50’s as this is the time when it normally reacts. Cholesterol and age are directly linked with each other; it means increase in age leads to increase in the level of cholesterol. People in their 40’s and 50’s usually suffer heart attack or heart stroke because of the accumulation of cholesterol in their body. Many experts feel that age is the biggest factor in high level of cholesterol and its related diseases. 

People who are in their 50’s are more prone to coronary heart diseases caused by cholesterol rather than people in their 20’s and 30’s. It has been noticed that with growing age the piling up of cholesterol too get increase which directly affects the nervous system and arteries resulting in various heart diseases. It is wise to keep the cholesterol level in control starting from the infant age so that there is no chance of cholesterol related diseases. Try to inculcate the habit of regular exercising in your wards schedule from an infant age so that it cultivates into a regular habit. This will not only keep the cholesterol level in control but also keep their body fit and in shape. Also make them eat healthy and balanced diet so that instead of increase in cholesterol there is significant increase in energy.

So if you’re concerned parent and want to provide a healthy and happy life to your ward then it is wise to keep his cholesterol level in control so that he is free from cholesterol related diseases.

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