Tuesday, January 2, 2007

cholesterol lipids chol/hdl ratio

Cholesterol is becoming a serial killer and targeting women too. With the recent survey it was confirmed that every year almost 500,000 American women dies due to high cholesterol and its related disease. Nowadays men and women are going head to head in terms of cholesterol level and giving each other a tough fight. Earlier times it was only men who were at the risk of high cholesterol but now with changing lifestyle and eating habits women are too catching up. Approximately there are 56 million American women who are at the stage of having high cholesterol. This sudden increase has created a rage among women as it is going at very high speed.

American Health Association has confirmed these statistics and also stated that with these changing trends now women are under more threat in comparison to the men. Women usually have higher High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) in their body in comparison to men. This HDL is said to be good cholesterol but ones this cholesterol starts falling Low Density Lipoproteins is on raise. This usually happens at the time when women start consuming unhygienic and fatty diet. So they are always advised to do constant exercises and body movements in order to be fit and in shape. Cholesterol generally rises in the women body during and after the pregnancy. In pregnancy women are advised to go in for healthy and rich diet but they take it as misconception and starts consuming fatty and oily diet. However it is good to intake them but they should be accompanied with exercises.

This consumed fat gradually settles at the arteries and its surrounding walls resulting in cardiovascular disease. After pregnancy in order to gain health and fitness women are advised to consume more food. This again uncontrolled and unhygienic diet is the road towards heart disease. Experts always advise women to do constant exercises and body movements so that the extra fat settled around arteries gets burned. It has been noticed that waist, thighs and biceps are the major areas where the fat settles. So it is wise for women to do exercises targeting these areas.

So if you’re pregnant women or recently gave a birth to a baby then this is the time to pull up your socks and gear up for some body exercises. Hard work and exercise at this time is the road to healthy life and happy living.

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