Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cholesterol and Types of Medications

Nowadays majority of the population are under the threat of high level of cholesterol. Almost fifty percent of the population is plagued by the high cholesterol and are living the life under threat and at risk of possible heart disease. Currently American market is said to be flooded with the various types of medicines used to control cholesterol. Literally talking cholesterol is a waxy lipid substance which is essential for the human body but ones it increases or comes at higher level it paves the way to various heart diseases. If we look at the broader perspective oily and fatty food is not the only reason for the higher cholesterol but people who smoke and drink are too at a risk. Obesity and diabetes are also the main cause of having higher cholesterol as obese people have more fat settled on their arteries and walls creating the obstacle in the normal blood circulation.

These days cholesterol medicines are selling like a hot cake as most of the companies have joined the bandwagon in order to provide best and safe medicine. Many companies tend to state that their medicines are the best deal but they never highlight the side effects. If we delve in to medicinal world there are primarily four types of medicines available for cholesterol control. First and foremost are the satins as they are the most widely used drug in controlling the cholesterol. Satins are said to be the best deal as they significantly lower down the LDL but ones the medicine is stopped LDL is again on rise. The second most widely used drug is Bile Acid Sequestrants. This medicine basically stops the cholesterol going into the bloodstream. Being the most powerful drug still it is not prescribed so easily because of its numerous side effects. This medicine is generally accompanied with satins during medication for reducing the side effects.

Nicotinic Acid and Fibrates are another two popular cholesterol medicines. These medicines are now outshined by the latest ones as they tend to have more side effects. Intake of these medicines generally increases the risk of muscle problems, that’s why they are not prescribed easily.
But the bottom line always remains the same that healthy diet, exercises and few body movements are must in order to avoid cholesterol and also to avoid the cholesterol medication. So it won’t be wrong to say healthy eating is the doorway to happy living.

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