Friday, December 15, 2006

Blood Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the most popular and alarming word in the medical arena and gives goose bumps to majority population. These days raising cholesterol is becoming the concern for everyone as they are unable to find the ways to lower down the high cholesterol. Cholesterol is the fatty and waxy substance found in the human body which not only guards the arteries and its walls but also produces sex hormones. By seeing this sudden increase in cholesterol and its related diseases, cholesterol reduction medicines are becoming the real rage. Nowadays American market is said to be flooded with medicines teemed with new companies who are raring to join the bandwagon.

Keeping the record of cholesterol has become the real obsession among the Americans since they came to know about its related diseases. Now their main concern is to keep a track and make sure they are well away from all the heart and liver diseases. Generally physicians find it very easier to prescribe a medicine but they never highlight its negative features and side effects. In this screech most of them are unable to know about the important and missing points.

In a bid to have healthy living and lead a cholesterol free life majority of the people start consuming statins in advance despite knowing its side effects. Its true and evident that statins lower down your cholesterol level but it also bring along many side effects for which you may repent in the future. It is always advisable to consume this medicine only when if it’s prescribed.

Statins while lowering down your cholesterol also gives a dealt blow to your immune system. This can be more dangerous especially for the people who are in their 40’s. Loosing your immune system at this age can be very dangerous as this is the time when you require it the most.

It not only affects your immune system but also gives a serious blow to your muscular functions. They tend to become week and lethargic by squeezing out all the energy and power. It also changes the eating habits as you ought to feel less hungry in comparison to the normal man. Instead of going in for cholesterol reduction medications try to choose better options available like exercising, balanced diet, natural methods and many more to mention. As your health is in your hands, so go in for natural and safe cholesterol reduction methods instead of medications.

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