Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cholesterol and Children

Shocking evidences have been shown that the concentrating of plaque in children starts at a very young age. This gradual process of concentration builds up into high cholesterol at the time when the child is in his adulthood. This paves the way for coronary heart disease accompanying heart as well as liver disease. This coronary heart disease is becoming the single cause of leading deaths not only in America but also in various other countries. Despite of numerous concrete steps still this cholesterol remains the major health concern and is held responsible for nearly half a million deaths alone in America. It has been noticed that atherosclerotic process (piling up of waxy fat around arteries) generally begins in the young age.

This piling up gradually turns into high cholesterol level at the time when child reaches to his adulthood. By seeing this rise people are now advised to make their children do work out or do some exercises so that the extra fat is burned. A little hard work now can lead the child to healthy and disease free life. Child’s eating habits should be checked and monitored from the start so that there is no concentration of fats around the arteries. It has been also witnessed that children who starts smoking and drinking at a very early age are too at a risk of high cholesterol. This is parent’s duty to make sure that their child is safe and not going on the wrong path.

It has been evidential that children who are obese or overweight at early age are at greater risk. Fat is piled up at very fast rate in the obese children in comparison to the normal child. Scientifically it has been said that obese child’s body make more fat and cholesterol as compared to a healthy child. Same problem is faced by the child suffering from diabetes mellitus. Their immune system is not that effective to curb the production of fat and cholesterol. What is more threatening that, a diabetic child cannot be given all the medicines as it can prove to be harmful for him. The only way out is exercises, aerobics and healthy diet. If you want to save your child from the high cholesterol in the future then it’s you who have to take the steps.
Monitor your child so that he or she never indulges into wrong eating, drinking and smoking habits as it can give a dealt blow to their future health. Make sure your child is constantly doing exercises and body movements so that the fat is gradually burned. So the future of your child is in your hands as you can make it and even break it, the choice is yours.

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