Thursday, December 7, 2006

Cholesterol Myths - Low Cholesterol Dangers

Lack of correct and detailed information about cholesterol sometimes creates a wrong notion and proves a curse in today’s life. Researchers have found some unique and interesting facts which are still not in practice as a common man is unaware of these facts. A well-known researcher and expert, Dr. Uffs Ravshov based in Copenhagen, Denmark has written extensively about these myths and their realties. Here are the few notion and their realities;

In our general understanding, High cholesterol and rich diets are understood as a big factor to cause heart problems, but in actual sense it is the high cholesterol which undertakes the task of collecting and bringing all the cholesterol from other parts of the body to the liver. Here, liver metabolizes these extra fats and keep the effect of bad cholesterol in control.

Cholesterol is primarily known as good and bad from our earlier understanding but from the findings of Dr. Ravnskov it is proved that there is no as such good or bad cholesterol but the level of cholesterol is actually depend upon the factors like change in body weight, mental stress and physical activity of a person. Above all, high cholesterol is not always good for us as increase in high cholesterol can affect the health of a person by causing some unhealthy situations. Efforts should be made for keep in this order through regular exercise, meditation, walking and swimming activities.

Do you know our body produces three to four times of cholesterol than our daily consumption of fat present in food? Here, it works in reverse direction, which means the more you eat less the level of cholesterol will be and vice-versa. But, in practical, people normally cut their diets to get rid of their cholesterol. That’s why a balanced diet has been recommended by the doctors in appropriate quantity and nutrition to maintain the equilibrium of the body.

Dr, Ravnskov also ruled out the use of drugs to reduce fats. Many companies are offering medication to help those busy people who can not exercise regularly. It is really shocking that excess usage of these drugs can shorten the life span of people. Further it also stimulate cancer in rodents, disturb the functions of the muscles, the heart and the brain. Pregnant women using these drugs may give birth to children with some severe malfunctions. Always use the natural ways for fitness.

Next time you are planning to fight back your excess fats think rationally and correctly as incorrect information and knowledge can actually cause you a heart stroke.

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